3 Ways AI is Changing Market Research Forever

Posted by Emma Borochoff on March 19, 2018
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Beyond Intelligence Augmentation: The Next Phase of AI & Market Research

Posted by Andrew Konya on March 8, 2018


Advances in artificial intelligence are set to dramatically impact market research in the short term. Specifically, narrow AI will enable the automation of individual research tasks. During this phase of Intelligence Augmentation AI will act to augment the capabilities of researches; enabling one person to achieve what previously would have taken an entire team.

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AI’s Impact on Market Research: The Present

Posted by Andrew Konya on March 8, 2018

For decades, researchers have developed advanced methods which allow us to analyze quantitative data (think survey) in sophisticated ways; from clustering & factor models to predictive Bayesian analysis.  Perhaps the largest impact AI is already having on market research is enabling these battle-tested quantitative methods to be used on data which is qualitative in nature — namely video, audio, and text.

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Mapping Out the Nonconscious to Understand Conscious Consumer Decisions

Posted by Andrew Konya on March 8, 2018

Reimagining technology’s role in market research.

Beyond Freud

The question of what drives human emotion fixates marketers and market researchers alike. The answer would unlock tremendous, continuous market success. Market researchers inch closer to the elusive answer each year, and in the past decade have made the greatest strides by focusing on understanding consumer responses through the lens of non-conscious language. The concept is not a new one, having been thrust into discussion by the famous Sigmund Freud in his 1915 essay “The Unconscious.”

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The Morality of Market Research in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Andrew Konya on March 8, 2018

As I plunged into the MR world, after a decade of working on computational physics and artificial intelligence, the first thing that struck me was the tremendous amount of technological overhang. Meaning, the solutions dominating the market were laden with inefficiencies that current technology already had solutions to address. So, with a focus on artificial intelligence, I set out to break down the primary functions of market research and plot the trajectory that artificial intelligence (AI) fueled disruption was likely to take.

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A New Technology to Understand Voters

Posted by Team Remesh on January 25, 2018

We set out with a goal to better understand what voters were thinking about the 2016 election. We wanted to have a conversation and not just look at survey data or analyze trending hashtags. So that’s exactly what we did. On the night of the January 17th democratic debate, we used <remesh to have a conversation with ~50 likely votersThe results were fascinating.

**click here for the full conversation 

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The Birth of Remesh

Posted by Team Remesh on December 13, 2017

Our core mission will never change: to understand, engage, and empower large groups of people 

The Situation

November 2012. Andrew Konya is in the second year of his PhD program, mastering computational physics by day and building machine-learning algorithms at night. Nearly 10,000 miles away the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has once again boiled out of control and violence has broken out. For the next week, Palestinians will be trying to dodge of Israeli airstrikes while Israelis are forced to take shelter from Hamas rocket fire. Between November 14th- 21st, roughly 1,000 Palestinians and 200 Israelis, the majority civilians on both sides, are injured or killed.

Journalists and activists condemn the violence, pictures of crying, wounded children and their destroyed homes fill the airwaves. But politicians, both in Gaza and Israel, and their allies around the world defend their actions, Israel citing the right to defend their citizens and Palestinians their right to pursue freedom and autonomy.

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