Customer Feedback Management: The ABC Strategy

Posted by Emily Smith on June 5, 2019

Although there are multiple types of customer feedback, product feedback (whether for early-stage decisions or measuring established brand awareness) is often the most difficult and expensive type to collect. The ABC Strategy can make that process more clearly defined, and actionable.

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4 Ways To Drive ROI By Increasing Customer Retention Rates

Posted by Emily Smith on May 29, 2019

Increasing your customer retention rate has a direct correlation to ROI. But where to begin? Start by increasing customer engagement with these 4 steps.

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Taking a Page From Politics: Local Campaigns at Scale

Posted by Gary Ellis on March 29, 2019

A national campaign director shares some lessons learned on how to uncover insights about your audience while also striking the right balance of personalization with practicality.

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Powerful AI Tools for Deeper Consumer Engagement

Posted by Gary Ellis on March 6, 2019

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The coming year promises to be an exciting one in the world of artificial intelligence.

AI-driven technology is developing exponentially, enabling brands to get consumer feedback on a massive scale, without having to invest a great deal of time and money on the research. While it may be difficult for marketers to keep up with AI’s speedy evolution, it’s also vital. No brand wants to be left behind as competitors use technology to gain a deeper understanding of their stakeholders. It’s important for marketers to understand how to leverage new technology that uses AI to gather honest, meaningful, actionable consumer insights.

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The Remesh Rebrand: Focusing on Truth

Posted by Andrew Konya on January 23, 2019


Today's world is marked by a paradox — as technology has led us to become more connected, and more information sits at our fingertips than at any point in human history, the truth has become harder to find.  Facts have been replaced with fake news, headlines have been replaced with clickbait, and meaningful conversations have been lost among the noise of trolls, bots, and sensationalist content.

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How AI is Transforming the Employee Experience in 2019

Posted by Sarah Lim on January 21, 2019

“To use AI or not to use AI, that is the question” -- something Shakespeare might have pondered if he was Head of HR in today’s tech-savvy world.

In recent years, many industries are looking into AI solutions for their businesses. In particular, there is no better meeting place for human and machine-based intelligence than the human resources industry, where the incorporation of AI frees up the hands of HR and People Operations personnel to focus on what they do best -- the human side of things.

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3 Massive Ways AI is Changing Consumer Insights in 2019

Posted by Sarah Lim on December 3, 2018

If you spent 2018 cracking up at Alexa’s response to “Where can I hide a body?”  (hint: it’s a telltale one!), here’s some good news for you: in the world of AI, 2019 will be no less exciting.

While technology develops at a rapid pace, there’s still much more out there for us to discover about artificial intelligence. In fact, one could say that we are in the infancy of understanding artificial intelligence, which has the capacity to revolutionize the way we gather consumer insights in the near future. Here are some ways AI is set to change consumer insights in 2019:

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Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad campaign: Yay or Nay?

Posted by Sarah Lim on November 20, 2018

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The Most Common Market Research Blunders to Avoid

Posted by Sarah Lim on October 16, 2018

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The Advantage of Artificial Intelligence in Market Research

Posted by Andrew Konya on September 24, 2018


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