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How To Implement A.I. in Human Capital Management Processes
Human capital management (HCM) is one of many company functions evolving with the implementation of artificial intelligence (A.I.). As the industry evolves in the wake of new tech, human resource...
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5 Ways Voice Recognition Technology Sways Consumer Buying Behavior
Since Google released voice search for iPhones in 2008 - a move that popularized consumer use of voice technology for the first time, well before Siri - voice-recognition technology has seen...
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Product-Market Fit For Corporate Brands
There comes a time in the growth of a company where it sits at the crest of success. Reaching the cruising altitude above your competitors, rolling out products into the market as fast as your...
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The Best & Worst of Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns
We are living in an age of corporate apology. How can brands be genuine in taking social responsibility for a misfire? There's where corporate social responsibility campaigns come in. Examples:...
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7 Steps for Better Survey Design
Achieve a better survey design in 7 steps Surveys are an invaluable tool in producing strong research. However, they are only effective when used correctly. Surveys are crucial to company success,...