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Post of "Gary Ellis"

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Taking a Page From Politics: Local Campaigns at Scale
A national campaign director shares some lessons learned on how to uncover insights about your audience while also striking the right balance of personalization with practicality. Over the past two...
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Powerful AI Tools for Deeper Consumer Engagement
This post was originally published on The coming year promises to be an exciting one in the world of artificial intelligence. AI-driven technology is developing exponentially,...
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Representative Intelligence: The Next Phase of Human Communication
This post was originally published on Greenbook's blog. The rate of progress is ever increasing, and with it, so is our need to understand information quickly to make data-driven decisions. To better...
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What AI-Assisted Election Polling Told Us About America In 2020
The 2020 Election now seems (mostly) over, but there is still much to learn. Did the mainstream pollsters get it wrong? Do they need to change their methodology? Was the outcome so different from...