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6 Digital Customer Experience Strategies for The Win
Digital Customer Experience: The TL;DR Digital customer experience (CX) - as opposed to the broad umbrella of customer experience - focuses specifically on the digital or online interactions between...
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3 Common Market Research Blunders to Avoid
In many ways, effective market research demands an immense amount of precision in both business and competitive strategy analysis. Every step in your research approach should be accurate, in order to...
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3 Core Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction
Monday Funday! -- said nobody ever. Are you chugging down cup after cup of coffee just to get through work every Monday? We won’t deny it -- work can get really dreary on some days, and even the...
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Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad campaign: Yay or Nay?
Today’s youthful generation pays more attention than previous generations to what their favorite brands stand for before they make a purchase, so it has never been more critical for brands to be...
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Where To Find Customer Satisfaction Feedback In 8 Unique Places
Customer satisfaction feedback can be found in unique places A happy customer is a loyal customer. But before we get to customer loyalty, growth, increased ROI, and the works - when was the last time...
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3 Types of Customer Insights That AI Will Change in 2021
The world of A.I. and consumer insights is dark and full of terrors. But, not really. While technology develops rapidly, there’s still much more out there for us to discover about artificial...
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3 Ways A.I. is Transforming the Employee Experience in 2021
“To use AI or not to use AI, that is the question” -- something Shakespeare might have pondered if he was Head of HR in today’s tech-savvy world. In recent years, many industries have looked into ...
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4 Employee Recognition Ideas That Use A.I.
Remember the last time someone told you what a great job you were doing? You felt all warm and fuzzy inside, like you could conquer the world. That’s why it’s so important to recognize employees’...