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The Remesh Rebrand: Focusing on Truth
Today's world is marked by a paradox — as technology has led us to become more connected, and more information sits at our fingertips than at any point in human history, the truth has become harder...
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The Birth of Remesh
Our core mission will never change: to understand, engage, and empower large groups of people The Situation November 2012. Andrew Konya is in the second year of his PhD program, mastering...
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Product Update: Understand Your Participants in 11 More Languages!
At Remesh, we strive to best represent the voices of diverse groups of people. And as such, that means understanding people in their native language. So that is why as of today, we are excited...
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Remesh Named 2018's GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Market Research Company
Research has traditionally been offered in two ways: intimate, qualitative focus groups or quantitative research on a mass scale. Despite building an industry that relied solely on these two...
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Product Update: Post-Conversation Analysis is Here!
Psst… We have something to tell you. Starting today, you are able to see a whole new way of analyzing your Remesh conversations. Introducing our new post-conversation analysis platform. We are pretty...
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Announcing $10M in Funding to Change Research Forever
We are excited but also very humbled to announce our $10 million Series A round of funding led by General Catalyst, with participation from our Seed Round lead investor, Lionbird. We enter this...