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Post of "Andrew Konya"

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Mapping Out the Nonconscious to Understand Conscious Consumer Decisions
Reimagining technology’s role in market research. Beyond Freud The question of what drives human emotion fixates marketers and market researchers alike. The answer would unlock tremendous, continuous...
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The Morality of Market Research in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
As I plunged into the MR world, after a decade of working on computational physics and artificial intelligence, the first thing that struck me was the tremendous amount of technological overhang....
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Beyond Intelligence Augmentation: The Next Phase of AI & Market Research
Advances in artificial intelligence are set to dramatically impact market research in the short term. Specifically, narrow AI will enable the automation of individual research tasks. During this...
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AI’s Impact on Market Research: The Present
For decades, researchers have developed advanced methods which allow us to analyze quantitative data (think survey) in sophisticated ways; from clustering & factor models to predictive Bayesian...
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The Remesh Rebrand: Focusing on Truth
Today's world is marked by a paradox — as technology has led us to become more connected, and more information sits at our fingertips than at any point in human history, the truth has become harder...
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Can AI-Driven Research Steer Social Media’s Mental Health Crisis?
The amount of time we spend on social platforms keeps growing. And the experiences are increasingly sophisticated and immersive, making it harder for our brains to differentiate the real from the...
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The Advantage of Artificial Intelligence in Market Research
This post was originally published on An issue across every sector, from market research to employee engagement and government relations, is how to truly understand large groups of...