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Taking a Page From Politics: Local Campaigns at Scale
A national campaign director shares some lessons learned on how to uncover insights about your audience while also striking the right balance of personalization with practicality. Over the past two...
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A New Technology to Understand Voters
We set out with a goal to better understand what voters were thinking about the 2016 election. We wanted to have a conversation and not just look at survey data or analyze trending hashtags. So...
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The Birth of Remesh
Our core mission will never change: to understand, engage, and empower large groups of people The Situation November 2012. Andrew Konya is in the second year of his PhD program, mastering...
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Why The Pollsters Got It Wrong: A Qualitative Perspective
Last night, the country elected Donald Trump to the surprise of pundits and everyday Americans alike. The source of their shock was that the overwhelming majority of the polling consistently showed...
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Key Findings From The 2016 Presidential Election
Recently, PSB Research used Remesh to record the opinions of 275 respondents, representative of the broader electorate, about their feeling towards presidential candidates. During the forty-minute...