Research & Equitable Leadership Award Winners Announced

Team Remesh

Team Remesh


The voice of the employees and executive team at Remesh.

In its very first year, we're proud to announce the Research & Equitable Leadership (REEL) award, honoring the 50 most influential corporate and agency insights leaders of the day. Specifically, those who start fresh conversations at scale through notable thought leadership.

Equitable leadership is defined as promoting the creation of value and honoring values, which can be executed via stakeholder inclusion, contributions to mission & purpose, or improvements in technology & innovation. To qualify for the award, both corporate and agency research leaders had to meet the following criteria: proof of equitable leadership, rate of social media influence, and notable research or thought leadership. While some leaders were nominated by subject matter experts at Remesh, others were nominated from industry research and chosen from a number of candidates.

We created this list of honorees to recognize diversity in both the selection of experts and the selection of research fulfilling a need in industry recognition.

Click here to download a copy of the list.

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